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New Developments in 2020

We are excited to announce that MPro Consulting Engineers are entering a new phase of growth in the company’s nearly 14-years of existence.

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What started out as a small one-man venture in the spring of 2006 in the Cape Winelands, has grown and developed into a preferred partnership with many of our highly valued Clients.

We have established ourselves in the Structural & Civil Consulting and Engineering management environments, and grew into some niche markets in the industry, including Wineries, Upmarket Residential, Precast & Hybrid construction methods, Poultry Production & Abattoir facilities, Grain Storage facilities, to name but a few.

Through integrated partnering and collaborating with other professionals, we have build-up valuable experience and intellectual property in the collective and on various projects.

We have been very fortunate to have such partnering with Moedi Consulting Engineers, over the past 5 years and counting.

MPro and Moedi first started collaborating in 2014 and what has been a match from the beginning, has grown into a real integrated partnership in the last two years, with the Moedi Paarl office, run by Andre du Preez, and the MPro Stellenbosch offices, literally working under one blanket.

It just naturally gravitated towards the next move that would be a “marriage” of some sorts.

I will therefore be exiting the business and handing over to Andre du Preez as Principal, and the very competent team of MPro and Moedi Paarl .

Moedi has a long and successful history in the Consulting Engineering environment, having completed many great projects in both the Structural and Civil Engineering fields for a wide variety of valued Clients country wide.

Their more than 35 years of consulting experience, as well as excellent staff & resource base, made them most suitable for such a venture.